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Chainsaw Carvings
I started creating carvings a few years ago when a lot of the trees on my property were blown down in a storm. Most of the timber ended up being chopped for firewood and to be honest the reason I began making things was because I was fed up with chopping logs. The first thing I carved was a bear, well it was meant to be a bear but he looked more like a pig standing up on his hind legs. I have never been anywhere near a bear in real life and maybe I should have googled a bear to copy, anyway he is still around the garden somewhere with grass growing out of his snout. Anyway I have come on a bit and now have a Sthil carving saw which is great and various other tools like a power chisel and grinder attachments. My carvings are not true to life representations rather my quirky view of what a swan or whatever I am working on should look like.
Below are a few of my creations, price wise the swans in the images below sold for €90 and the mushrooms are €50