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My mosaic pictures are made using

recycled laminate flooring, hand

cut on a scroll saw and hand

painted, each one is different and


If you would like to own one of my

creations I have them for sale in a few

locations here in Connemara Ireland, and

also on this site.

I leave part of the design in the original floorboard colour, for example, in the seagulls piece below the post the birds are standing on is the wood grain without any paint the reverse side of the picture is the same wood grain and the sides have wood veneer to finish them off.
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The dimensions of the pieces are dictated by the width of the floorboards, so the longest mosaic here is the Owl at 30 cm, and the widest I can cut to is 17.5 cm. I will have to charge Postage on any sales that are not collected, if you would like to buy anything please contact me with your address and I will provide the postage cost and reserve the piece until payment is received. Thanks Rob.                         Some newer ones I have just created
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Derrykyle Arts and Crafts
087 161 5645
Wooden Mosaic Pictures